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09 November 2008

Politics and NaNo Update

I have made my previous post private. The words were as I believed at the time. I know them no longer to be true. Barack Obama is a natural-born citizen of the USA through a biological parent confering citizenship.

I didn't delete it because that would mean I had something to hide. Ironically, it was because I was so vocal and public that I was given access to a file which proved my concerns [that Obama was not a citizen] incorrect.

Barack Obama will be my President. I hope he didn't just say whatever he had to in order to not be Bush or McCain and still get elected. I want to believe, but I stopped being naive about politics during the Carter administration.

Now to something more pressing: my Nano word count. It is currently 20,645 of the 50,000 (but I'm aiming for 80k by December 15 as that is a more accurate word count for a typical novel and I would still need to edit and rewrite).

That reads like a big number but as I read the last computer page back (a big no-no, especially in write-as-you-go Nanowrimo), it seems like filler to me. Of course I've spend the day running between toilet and chair so I could just be crabby and spoiling for something 'wrong'. Having to miss my local write-in today sucked.

By the schedule of 1,667 words a day, I should be at just over 15,000. Obviously with halfway over 20k, I'm doing better than that, but I feel worse. There are no hard-and-fast rules so I think I'm going to take tomorrow (Monday) off and get stuff done in order to be ready for the family Thanksgiving I'm being blackmailed into hosting.

*deep breath* I love my family. Murder doesn't solve anything. *breath*

I wonder if I typed that over and over ...? Nah, not a fair word count.

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