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04 November 2008

NaNo Count: 6182 Election Coverage Hours: 999999

I thought of the first line while I was en route to the Kick-Off party. I think its killer (pun intended as the story is a suspense thriller with a body count) and I'm reticent to publish it until I've had a few dozen agents laugh at it--or find an editor who will pay me for publishing it.

I've been doing pretty good keeping near the 1,667 words a day goal. I'm better when I can write at my peak of midnight or after a good sleep and big brunch around noon. But then I'm a 24-hour-information junkie. "Normal" is well, for the 'normies'. Those who maintain a more 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. lifestyle will just wonder how I function, let alone write!

The ONLY story today
I'm glued to the election coverage with four t.v.s running left, right, and left news channels plus one on the channel that airs various judge shows for four hours straight as a 'distraction'. I also have three laptops running different live maps and auto-updating a host of blogs and result pages. In 24 hours I'm either going to be 'passed out' sleeping because of exhaustion due to election overload or frantically incorporating the chaos into my Nano while shot-gunning expressos with energy drink chasers. The latter will crash me into a 30-hour nap, so perhaps I'll rethink it...tune in tomorrow and read somewhat about it.

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At 4/11/08 08:29, Blogger AstonWest added...

I'm planning to get a lot of writing done tonight, what with nothing on but election coverage... :-)


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